Arabic and Chinese music
(From the classical and folk traditions)

- A crossover of two cultures

Arabic and Chinese music for pipa, ud, guzheng and percussions

Liu Fang - pipa and guzheng

Farhan Sabbagh - Al-ud, riqq and mazhar(Arabic percussion instruments).


Press Review

  • "... But there can be no overlooking the spectacular instrumental closer that just burns down the house. Liu Fang on pipa & Farhan Sabbagh on mazhar, an open framed drum, take off on a supercharged dance blast called "Night of the Bonfire" that will burn the soles straight off your shoes..." - Barbara Flaska, PopMatters Music, 11 February 2004.

  • ... Considering that the Chinese people have been isolated from external musical influences for the majority of the last 60 years, and didn't have much contact before the Cultural Revolution, a healthy tradition has managed to survive to this day, supported by both the government and even the younger aspects of the population. This glorious music is represented here by many artists. Particularly touching is the soft "The Night of Bonfire," performed on the pipa (picked dulcimer) by Liu Fang, currently a resident of Canada. Performed with a wisp of percussion by Farhan Sabbagh, the delicate song races forward to a breakneck tempo by mid-song. Not bad for an artist in her 20s! ... The Rough Guide To The Music Of China (World Music Network, 2003)

  • "I listened repeatedly to the "Arabic and Chinese Music" CD throughout the weekend. It is profoundly enjoyable every time. I keep hearing new rhythms and sounds as if I had never heard them before. It is satisfying to hear a group of instruments together, the way they relate, take turns, complement each other. These are master musicians at work, indeed." - Suzanne Stanton, USA

  • Parfums d'Orient - Liu Fang et Farhan Sabbaph, un dlicieux croisement Chine-Syrie, Le Soleil, DI 14 JULLIET 2000.

The pieces (tracks) and samples

Arabic and Chinese music for pipa, ud, zheng, and percussion
performed by Liu Fang & Farhan Sabbagh

  • [1] Farhan Sabbagh: Maulbronn oud, pipa et percussion / ud, pipa and percussion 12:47
  • [2] Farhan Sabbagh: Al Ud al andalusi oud / ud solo 6:46
  • [3] Lin Shicheng: Festival du bateau-dragon / Dragon Boat Festival pipa solo 4:50
  • [4] Farhan Sabbagh: Homs oud, pipa et percussion / ud, pipa and percussion 9:30
  • [5] Jin Sha: Servante du berger / Shepherd Maid pipa et oud / pipa and ud 3:14
  • [6] Italian Folk: I´o Vol bene oud et pipa / ud and pipa 1:45
  • [7] Chinese Folk: Fleur de jasmin / Jasmine flower zheng et oud / zheng and ud 6:22
  • [8] Wu Junsheng: La nuit du feu de joie / The night of Bonfire pipa et/and percussion 5:11 (This piece is presented in the THE ROUGH GUIDE TO THE MUSIC OF CHINA published by the World Music Network, UK).
  • [9] Zhao Dengshan: Chant du Tie-Ma / Chanting of Tie-Ma zheng solo 6:17
  • [10] Wang Fandi: Printemps sur la montagne Tianshan / The Spring on the Tianshan Mountain Pipa et/and percussion 3:16
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