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The Soul of Pipa, Vol. III - Pipa music from Chinese folk roots (PMPCD001-3) [2006]

This is the last CD of the series of 3 representing the diversity of styles of music from different parts of China. Most of the pieces were composed during the 60s and the 80s based on folk melodies and music for dance. (More information and music samples...)



Chinese guzheng music Chinese traditional guzheng music - (PMPCD801) [2005]

"This is why listening to Liu Fang, true master of Chinese music, one experiences both pleasure and relief at the great music and poetry that she attains with her exquisite playing of the guzheng; through the beauty and lyrical expressiveness she attains, far from being confined to a dusty past, her personal interpretations lead to the discovery of a wide ranging diversity of melodies and sounds, while keeping faithful to a tradition that is thousands of years old." - Lucie Rault, Musée de l'Homme, Paris..


Chinese music The Soul of Pipa, Vol. II - Chinese classical pipa music from the ancient to the recent (PMPCD001-2) [2003]

"This CD is a veritable feast of alluring sounds, ranging from the eloquent and lyrical to the flamboyant and percussive. The varied soundscape produced by one player and one instrument is quite dazzling. ... Definitely a CD to enrich anyone’s musical palette and provide a sample of China’s rich musical heritage, ... ", The WholeNote Magazine.


Chinese music The Soul of Pipa Vol. I - Traditional and Classical pipa music (PMPCD001-1) [2001].

International virtuoso Liu Fang performs eight dazzling pipa solos from traditional Chinese classics. Her presentation spans from hauntingly sparse passages to blazing runs that would make flamenco masters weep (Montreal Mirror, 2001).



2. Duet and ensemble

Traditional, classical, contemporary and beyond

flute and guzheng deut: traditional Chinese music Along the Way
Liu Fang (pipa), Malcolm Goldstein (violin)
Label: Philmultic (PMPCD809)

[2010, Montreal, QC, Canada]

From traditional Chinese music to freestyle improvisation, this beautifully packaged double-CD features the meeting of two masters from different traditions ... (Detailed info ...)


flute and guzheng deut: traditional Chinese music Changes
Liu Fang (pipa), Michael O'Toole (Guitar)
Label: Philmultic (PMPCD808)

[2008, Montreal, QC, Canada]

From traditional Chinese to master pieces of great composers such as Vivaldi, Bartok, Philip Glass, Piazzolla, to new excellent new compositions by Toshiyuki Hiraoka abd Ian Wilson. (Detailed info ...)


flute and guzheng deut: traditional Chinese music Silk Sound (le son de soie)
Liu Fang (pipa, guzheng), Alla (oud), Ballake Sissoko (Kora), Henri Tournier (Bansuri)
Label: Accords Croises (AC116)

"... a delicately embroidered album that reveals a remarkable cogency between instruments worlds apart..." - Mondomix, 2006. (more info and press reviews ...)

[2006, Paris, France]



flute and guzheng deut: traditional Chinese music Mei Hua (Fleur de prunier): Les expériences sensorielles que procure la musique chinoise sont à la fois riches et fort diversifiées, et les différentes pièces de ce disque éveillent autant de mondes fabuleux à explorer. Lise Daoust, flûte; Liu Fang, pipa et guzheng. Music for anti-stress relaxing and meditation; also suitable for Taiji Quan.
(ATMA 2 2332)

[2004, Canada]


Arabic and Chinese music Arabic and Chinese Music: A mesmerizing and melodic fusion of musical cultures. Legendary artists Liu Fang and Farhan Sabbagh perform 10 outstanding compositions for pipa, ud, zheng and percussion.

[2000, Canada]


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