The soul of pipa Vol. 1
Chinese Pipa Music from the classical tradition

  • Title: The Soul of Pipa, Vol. I - Traditional and Classical pipa music
  • Cat. No.: PMPCD001-1
  • Interpreter: Liu Fang, pipa solo
  • Genre:classical tradition
  • feature: pure ancient classical tradition only.
  • Label: Philmultic
  • Year of release: 2001



The pieces with audio & video demo
performed by Liu Fang

  • [1] Swirl snow decorating the evergreen (Fei Hua Dian Cui) 05:21
  • [2] A Moonlit night on the Xunyang River (Xun Yang Yue Ye) 10:38
  • [3] High mountain and flowing water (Gao Shan Liu Shui) 02:38
  • [4] Songs from the other side of the border (Sai Shang Qu) 11:52
  • [5] Sunny Spring and white snow (Yang Chun Bai Xue) 3:02
  • [6] The moon is high (Yuer Gao) 12:35
  • [7] Seagulls playing in cold water (Han Ya Xi Shui) 06:05
  • [8] The King Chu doffs his Armour (Ba Wang Xie Jia) 11:31
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"... a virtuoso player of the pipa (and no slouch on the guzheng zither), as ably displayed on this CD of time-worn compositions from back home. She shifts nimbly from sparse passages that allow the pipa's sharp tones to blossom and breathe, to blistering runs that, in their density, would make flamenco masters weep. - Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror, March 21, 2002.

"... Liu's latest CD, Chinese Pipa Music From the Classical Tradition, features the unaccompanied musician working the pipa's four strings and 30 frets. The eight pieces convey haunting, almost cinematic soundscapes, as on A Moon-lit Night on the Xunyang River and Ducks Playing in Cold Water..." - BERNARD PERUSSE, The Gazette (Montreal), March 26, 2002.

"Liu Fang’s achievement as a musician is a testimony to how an artist who has roots firmly grounded in the classical and folkloric traditions may soar above the confines of established institutes and schools to attain a freedom of expression that yields a music of unparalleled purity. Since Liu Fang settled in Montreal in 1996, she has evolved as a truly unique performer of the Pipa. Her current interpretations of these ancient classics transcend the rules so completely that she plays with unrivaled natural virtuosity. One finds oneself listening to her playing with utter astonishment as if hearing this music for the first time, just as it was originally meant to sound." -Gabriel Safdie

"I think Liu Fang is a fabulous musician. The first 7 tracks of "Soul of Pipa I" gave me the feeling of youth and sweetness. The very classical style and the composure with which she played those pieces certainly revealed her complete control and confidence in the instrument. Those pieces brought peace and quietness to the heart, and subsided anxiety, uneasiness with clarity and serenity. This is not to say that there is a lack of passion in Liu Fang's playing. However, her multidimensional virtuosity started to usher itself with "Sunny Spring and white snow", a traditional, yet very challenging ancient piece of work. The melodic flow of the music mantled the underlying emotional energy that could lead to a wild eruption at any time. Liu Fang shows off her mastering of Pipa and music with "The King Chu doffs his Armour". It is hard to believe that such music could have come from a girl of this young age. This musical, spiritual, and instrumental encore sounds more like a downpour of mixed, yet contradictory moods. Liu Fang is never lost or deluded by the music; instead, she leads, conducts, and guides the music, as well as the audience, into a virtual world full of colors and conflicts: aspiration vs. desperation, life vs. death, to succumb vs. to resist. The intricacy is elaborately and fully interpreted with impeccable technique. The intensive percussions almost produced smoke out of the strings, while the slower passages echoed with hopelessness and disappointment. "

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